Mr. Dylan was known to frequent this local root beer stand. (The Papa BBQ was to die for) 


  Mr. Dylan is widely regarded as a great songwriter. Indeed, there are many who consider him 
to be the greatest songwriter of all time. And that might lead one to ponder how this great songwriter 
would describe automobile racing. Well, during the time that he was likely to be found at Bob's A&W, 
he did actually write something about the races at the Hibbing Raceway. And this is what he wrot

"There was other stuff going on. Dirt track stock car racing on cool summer nights, mostly '49 or '50 Fords, 
bashed in cars, coffin contraptions, humpbacked cages with roll bars and fire extinguishers -- seats taken out, 
doors welded shut -- bumpin' and rumblin', slammin' and swivelin' on a half mile track, summersaulting off the
rails...tracks littered with junkyard cars."
    A unique and interesting description to say the least.


This is what racing at the Hibbing Raceway looked like when Mr. Dylan wrote that description.

David L. Aho 2012

Dave is a member of the Hibbing Historical Society and the Minnesota State Historical Society and is a City of Hibbing Heritage Preservation Commission board member.