The idea came from a 1911 race. Louis made a spectacular albeit hair-raising return to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for 

                                                                                             the July 1, 2 and 4 race meet. In pre-race practice on June 29, Chevrolet lost control of his Buick “Bug” and rolled it coming out 
                                                                                             of the fourth turn. Chevrolet told of his miraculous escape. “When I hit the ground, I watched for the turnover and when it came,
                                                                                             I ducked, turtle fashion, into the hood of the car as far as I could. That is what saved my life, I think. The steel bands around the
                                                                                             hood held strongly and when it rolled over, my head was out of danger.”

© David L. Aho 2012

Dave is a member of the Hibbing Historical Society and the Minnesota State Historical Society and is a City of Hibbing Heritage Preservation Commission board member.