The History of Motor Sports in Hibbing and Northern Minnesota - A Timeline

 1905       The Hibbing Speedway Association is formed by “twenty Hibbing gentleman.”


                                                                                  1906       ½ Mile track and grandstand completed. First horse race held. First bicycle 
                                                                                                    race is won by Fred Smith, champion of Northern Minnesota.
                                                                                                    Construction of the Mitchell Engine House and Mitchell Hotel begins.

                                                                                  1909         Hibbing Automobile Association is formed as there are now “more than
                                                                                                    50 automobiles on the Mesaba Range.”
                                                                                  1910        1st automobile and motorcycle races held on ½ mile track at Pool Location
                                                                                                    Plans made for the “Butchart Cup” race. The first automobile road race.
                                                                                                    Race was not held due to difficulties with the AAA sanction.
                                                                                  1911         Fred Smith sets 1 mile (2 laps) track record at 1:22.50 in a “Velie 40” 
                                                                                                     A “Wrights Aeroplane” will fly every day during the County Fair.
                                                                    1912         World famous driver, Louis Disbrow is here with his well known
                                                                                                    Case “White Streak” car for 1 mile exhibition.
                                                                    1913         Hibbing Automobile Association holds 1st road race from Grand Rapids
                                                                                                    to Hibbing. Race is won by Frank Banks driving a Velie. Races also held
                                                                                                    on 1/2 mile track.
                                                                    1914         Hibbing Auto Club plans huge 4 day race meet with a $10,000 purse.
                                                                                                    Road races to be held on the new 10 mile “Mahoning Loop” race course,
                                                                                                    the worlds only “iron ore race track.”

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Dave is a member of the Hibbing Historical Society and the Minnesota State Historical Society and is a City of Hibbing Heritage Preservation Commission board member.